News and Notes

This was sent out in an email to all participants, but for those that didn’t receive the email, we post it here.

Hello Registered Players (and waitlisters) of the DDGC,

Just wanted to send a note to everyone with a couple reminders and news items as we are about 72 hours away from crowning our champions.

1. If you have missed our prior announcements on social media, we have added two holes to the course (holes that will eventually be a part of Dragan Field’s second 18-hole course). We will be playing two 20-hole rounds as a result. This has allowed us to expand the field from 72 to 80 players.

2. The wait list has really started to move in the last week as some players have dropped out. We have attempted to contact everyone who has gotten in from the wait list but not all have responded. Check the registration list at to see if you still have a WL## distinction or not. If you don’t, you’re in. Please contact us if you haven’t already done so, or check your spam folders for the original email we sent out with registration info.

3. We’ve had a wet spring, including in the last week or so. As a result, there are some areas of the course that are particularly soggy. The course is navigable and everything, but there are certainly places one can end up where feet might get wet. If you have waterproof footwear, we recommend it. If not that, then plenty of changes of socks. 🙂

4. Along those same lines, because of the added moisture, some of our overflow parking isn’t very usable. We’ll squeeze everyone in somehow, but we are asking folks to carpool if at all possible just to make things a bit easier.

5. Check-in will be available from 12:00 until 8:00 on Friday (registered players are welcome to play all day Friday for free), as well as 7:00 until 11:30 on Saturday morning. All players must check in on Saturday by 11:30 (including those who check in on Friday). If we have wait-listers present and ready to play and you have not checked in by 11:30, you will lose your spot in the tournament. If you’re caught in traffic or otherwise running late and might not be there by 11:30 but don’t want to lose your spot, CALL us. 207-786-4900. We won’t delay things for you, but we won’t take your spot away.

That’s all for now. We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone and putting on a good show. Please be sure to check out the tournament website ( as well as the Dragan Field facebook and twitter feeds (–>) for updates and news.