Registration, day 2

Registration opened a little over 24 hours ago, and 68 players are signed up.  All that remains open right now are two spots reserved for either MPO or FPO.  With some familiar names missing from the registration list, those two spots shouldn’t be open much longer.

Once they go, there are only three ways remaining to get into the tournament.  The easiest way is to sign up for the waitlist.  Last year, 18 of the people who played the tournament got in through the wait list (and another 11 had a chance but were unable to attend). The sooner you sign up for the wait list, the better your chances.

The other ways in are to play the Maine Disc Golf Tour Winter Series event at Dragan Field on February 26 where a spot will be up for grabs, or play Monday Night Doubles and be the highest point earner at the end of the series.

As if we weren’t already excited and motivated to make this DDGC a great one, that anticipation is so high that the tournament essentially filled in five hours just makes us that much more motivated to raise the bar.  121 days and counting…