Double Dragons

A Pro-Am Doubles Round
One division, winners take all

**This event is separate from the DDGC itself, participation is not mandatory, and the results are unrelated to the main DDGC tournament.**

The Double Dragons round is open to any players, including those that are not participating in the DDGC.  Unless the field fills at 36 teams, the course will remain open for practice to registered DDGC players only.

Entry fee per person:
DDGC Registered: $5 per person
Not DDGC Registered: $12 per person

Start time:
from 7:00 AM to 7:45 AM
Tee off at 8:00 AM SHARP

Team Restrictions:
In the interest of fairness, the “Pro” designation applies to any player registered in the Pro Open division of the DDGC or any player with a PDGA rating of 950 or higher. The “Am” designation applies to any player who is not registered in Pro Open for the DDGC and has a PDGA rating below 950.

Full field Bounty:
If we have 36 teams sign up and play Double Dragons, the winning team will earn a $50 bonus on top of the whole of the Double Dragons purse.  Just a little incentive to not only practice hard for the round, but recruit for it too.

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Registered Teams