New to the game or an old hand, everyone wants to get better

So you’ve taken up the sport of disc golf, be it one day ago, one month ago, or one decade ago. It’s fun, easy to learn and best of all, an inexpensive and healthy way to spend an afternoon. But you want to get better, right? Perhaps you want to branch out and play with some new people. Maybe you even want to compete against other golfers, but you’re concerned that you’re “not good enough” to try out a tournament or a league.


Greenhorn Disc Golf is here to help both online and on the course. Through these pages, personal lessons, clinics, and our series of tournaments, any disc golf player can improve their play and compete at any level, be it with their friends in an after-work round or a big-time tournament.

Looking for tips, how-tos, clarification or explanation of a rule of play, or just general disc golf knowledge and opinion? You’re in the right place.

Looking for a personal lesson or to set up a group clinic for you and your friends or workmates? Again, you’re in the right place.

Interested in getting into tournament play but aren’t sure what you need to know/do? You guessed it, you’re in the right place.

GreenHorn Disc Golf aims to be your one-stop shop for diving into disc golf and getting the most out of it.