First, what is a bag tag?

Bag Tags are a way to make a round of disc golf more competitive. Each tag is numbered and the goal is to possess the lowest numbered tag possible.  Tags can be played for in a single round or over the course of a tournament, with the lowest score earning the lowest available number, the second lowest score earning the second lowest available number, and so on.

Rules for the Dragan Field Bag Tag League:

  1. Tags are automatically in play for any round played at Dragan Field in which there are at least two tag holders in a group.
    • Discounted greens fees ($6 instead of $8) for any tag holder playing a tag round
  2. Tags are automatically in play for all tag holders playing in any singles tournament at Dragan Field.  Tags should be turned in at the shop before the start of play.
  3. Playing for tags outside of Dragan Field, casually or at tournaments, is encouraged but optional unless the #1 tag is present.  If #1 is present, tags must be played for.
  4. All ties are broken by who had the lower tag prior to the round/tournament.

Entering the tag league involves a one time fee of $10 to purchase a tag.

First chance to buy a tag will be at the first tag night on Monday, June 7.  Tags will be distributed based on order of finish that night (ties to be broken with playoffs).  After the first night, new entrants will start with the highest number.  So if they’re the eighteenth player to buy a tag, they start with #18.

Tag Night 2021

Every other Monday night starting on June 7 will be a tag night.  Tag holders and non-tag holders are encouraged to come out and play a singles round starting at 5:00.

Entry will be $12, which includes $1 ace pot and $5 for payout.

Top 1/3 of scores will be paid out (PDGA payout tables).

Course Schedule (start time may change based on available daylight):

June 7 = Red Dragon (spring)
June 21 = Talon
July 5 = Red Dragon (summer)
July 19 = Talon
August 2 = Red Dragon (summer)
August 16 = Talon
August 30 = Red Dragon (summer)
September 13 = Talon
September 20 = Red Dragon (fall)
September 27 = Red Dragon (fall)
October 4 = Red Dragon (fall)
October 11 = Talon Red Dragon (fall) *
October 18 = Red Dragon (fall) *
October 25 = Red Dragon (fall) *
* subject to change/cancellation for daylight reasons

The off-weeks will be random draw doubles playing the same course as the previous week’s singles.