The Dragan Disc Golf Classic is entering its twenty-third year, and thanks to the addition of a second course to the Dragan Field property a couple years ago, event capacity is larger than ever.  As a result, some traditions have had to change and new traditions have been born.

One such change, brought on by COVID-19 restrictions three years ago and kept in place since, is splitting the tournament over two days.  Saturday will see all amateur divisions except MA1 compete.  Sunday will feature MA1 and all pro divisions.  EVERYONE will be playing a round on each course.

Due to new PDGA competition rules, active PDGA membership is now required to register for B-tier events like DDGC.  Memberships can be purchased/renewed in advance of registering by clicking here. As ever with B-tier events, the pro purse for the DDGC will have a minimum of $750 added, with the possibility of more added depending on sponsorship.


  • Sponsor Registration Opens - At 8am today, registration will open for sponsors.  These spots are limited to a total of 36, 18 for each day. To sign up as a sponsor, all you have to do is register at Disc Golf Scene as normal.  Your registration must include the $20 sponsorship or you won’t be allowed to complete the … Continue reading Sponsor Registration Opens
  • Two weeks to early registration - We are officially two weeks away from the opening of registration to sponsors.  That means three weeks until registration for all women’s divisions opens and exactly one month until registration opens for all competitors. Early registration opening on February 15 at 8am is for any division provided the player pays a $20 sponsorship in addition … Continue reading Two weeks to early registration
  • 2023 Right Around The Corner - The 2023 DDGC is officially sanctioned and scheduled for June 3-4. Early sponsor registration will open on February 15, 2023 at 8am. Early registration for women’s divisions will open on February 22, 2023 at 8am. Registration for all divisions will open on March 1, 2023 at 8am. Mark the dates, set your alarms, you don’t … Continue reading 2023 Right Around The Corner
  • Player Program/Caddy Notes - The preliminary Player Program and Caddy Notes is now posted.  Players are encouraged to look it over and ask for clarifications if anything isn’t clear. The final version will be posted and sent to all players via email by Tuesday, May 31. All players should take note of the layout they will be playing on … Continue reading Player Program/Caddy Notes

Total player capacity is 216 players with up to 108 players competing each day. Recent DDGCs have sold out well in advance, often in less than a day. Mark your calendars, monitor this site, and watch our social media so you do not miss your chance to sign up and play the longest running PDGA event in the state of Maine.

Online (SATURDAY or SUNDAY) and mail-in registration opens on March 1, 2023.