Monday (every week March 16 – June 1)

  • Random Draw Doubles Series – 5:15 PM
    Fundraiser for the DDGC
    Overall winner of the series earns a free entry to DDGC20 in their division of choice

Friday (June 5)

  • Registration and Early Check-in at Dragan Field  –  12:00 PM – 8:00 PM
  • Free play/practice for registered players (non-registered players must pay normal greens fees) – ALL DAY
  • Informal Random Draw Doubles (open to non-tournament players)  –  5:30 PM – if there is interest

Saturday (June 1)

  • Tournament Check-in (required for all players)  –  7:00 AM – 9:30 AM
  • Brief Players’ Meeting/Q&A  –  9:45 AM
  • Round 1 begins  –  10:00 PM
  • MINIMAL LUNCH BREAK – recommended not to leave property
  • Round 2 begins  –  ~1:30 PM
  • Dragon’s Tail Nine for top 6 in MPO and top 3 in FPO *time permitting*  –  ~5:00 PM
  • Awards  –  ~6:30 PM

Registration & Check-in Details:

  • If open spots remain, players may register for the tournament in person only at Dragan Field on Friday June 5.
  • All players must check in at Dragan Field by 9:30 AM on Saturday June 6 or risk losing their place in the tournament.
  • Upon check-in, players will receive their player program and players’ package.
  • Registered players are welcome to check-in on Friday June 5.
  • Players’ packages should be available for pick-up at that time as well.
  • Friday check-ins are kindly asked to check-in again on Saturday morning just so we know you’re still around.

Players’ Meeting and Tournament Play Details:

  • All players are responsible for knowing the course information contained in the player program. This includes all course-specific rules (OB and other special conditions).
  • A brief players’ meeting will precede round one and should be used to answer any questions pertaining to what is contained in the player program. Unless questions are asked, no further clarifications will be made, so if anything is unclear, ASK.
  • All rounds will be a shot-gun start, preceded by a 2-minute warning as per PDGA rules.
  • There is a minimal lunch break between rounds 1 & 2. What  break there is will last as long as is necessary to reset the scoreports for round 2, but no longer. Players are encouraged to bring their lunch or eat prior to the start of round one.