Sponsorship Opportunities

A myriad of opportunities are available for potential sponsors, from basic to major.  Below is a list of specific opportunities, but we are willing to negotiate alternative ideas in order for the sponsorship to be the most mutually beneficial.  A contact form is at the bottom of the page for potential sponsors seeking more information.

Cash Sponsorship Opportunities

Major Sponsorship:

Title (1 available)
The entire tournament will be re-named to honor the Title Sponsor, i.e. the “Sponsor X Classic”. All logos, advertisements, promotional materials, discs, etc would prominently feature the sponsor name.

Supporting (unlimited)
Sponsor’s name featured in all tournament advertisements and promotional materials (event flyers, website, programs, banners, etc).

Mini-Event Sponsorship:

Dragon’s Tail Nine (1 available)
Title sponsorship of the showcase final nine holes featuring the top nine players in the DDGC.

Monday Night Doubles (1 available)
The title sponsorship of the weekly doubles league.

Event Merchandise Sponsorship:

Tournament Discs (unlimited)
A logo of the sponsor’s choosing stamped on a minimum of 100 golf discs to be distributed to amateur players participating in the tournament with any remaining to be sold in the Dragan Field pro shop with the proceeds going into the tournament prize purse.

Tournament Pencils (unlimited)
A two-line (30 characters per line) text advertisement on five gross of golf pencils to be used by players at the tournament and regular customers of Dragan Field for as long as they last.

Scorecards (unlimited)
A graphic advertisement printed on 1000 Dragan Field scorecards.

Trophies (1 available)
Sponsor trophies for every division of competition in the tournament. Sponsor’s name will be included on the trophy.

Course Sponsorship:

Annual Tee Sign (35 available)
An 8X12 sign featuring art of sponsor’s choosing attached to tee post of any available hole. Sign will remain in place for a full year from installation.

Annual Target Sign (36 available)
An 4X7 sign featuring art of sponsor’s choosing attached to the tee-facing side of any available target. Sign will remain in place for a full year from installation.

Annual Hole Package (35 available)
Both an Annual Tee Sign and an Annual Target Sign packaged together for a discounted price.

Tournament Literature Advertisement:
Digital event programs are distributed to every participant in the tournament and published on the tournament website. The website (dragandiscgolfclassic.info) is viewed by hundreds of people and is the conduit for all pre-tournament information as well as event registration.

Program Ad (unlimited)
A full, half or quarter page advertisement in the event program.  Full page ads included a Website Ad.

Website Ad (unlimited)
A 300 X 200 pixel graphic advertisement, with a clickable link, inserted into the banner rotation on the sidebar of every page of the tournament website. Ad will stay on the website through the end of the calendar year.

Basic Sponsorships:

Clubhouse Sign – $40 (unlimited)
An 8X11 sign hanging prominently in or near the Dragan Field clubhouse starting on the day before the tournament and staying up for three months following the event.

Sponsor Row – $25 (unlimited)
An 8X11 sign along the road from the clubhouse to tee 1 on Red Dragon for the duration of tournament weekend.

Tee Sponsor – $20 (36 available)
This contribution entitles the sponsor to an early registration window for the tournament.  One week before registration opens for all, sponsors can sign up online by paying the $20 sponsorship along with their entry fee.  This is limited to 18 entries per tournament day.

Product Sponsorship Opportunity

Merchandise of various value (unlimited)
Merchandise can be substituted for cash in any of the cash sponsorship opportunities. Our equation for determining the cash value of donated merchandise will be retail cost of merchandise less 25%. This is negotiable depending on contribution level. All merchandise sponsors, at minimum, will be listed in the event program as a sponsor.

Meal (2 available)
Provide a meal large enough to feed at least 100 people following the tournament. Sponsor will receive an Annual Tee Sign and a banner at the point of food distribution.

Trophy (1 available)
In lieu of a cash sponsorship to cover trophies, the DDGC will accept trophies for the winner of each of competitive division in the tournament. Trophies must incorporate a Dragan Disc Golf Classic logo (or approved alternative), the year of the event, and the division name(s). Sponsor’s name may be included on the trophy.

Raffle, CTP and/or Door Prizes (unlimited)
Any item or combination of items that could be raffled or randomly awarded to event attendees, or awarded to players who land their tee shot closest to the pin (CTP) on specified holes.

Snack Food / Beverages – minimum of 100 items (unlimited)
Any food or beverage items to be made available to players and staff during the tournament.

Registration Package Items – minimum of 200 items (unlimited)
Items for distribution in registration packages to all tournament participants. Items that have some practical use are preferred, but promotional materials such as bumper stickers are also acceptable.

For pricing and further information about our sponsorship availabilities, contact us directly with the form below.