Registered Players

Official Registration list can be found at

Players with reserved places (held until May 30 or official withdrawal)

2018 Thorndike Memorial winner (free entry)
MPO Josh DiBattista

2018 Eric C Yetter Champions Cup winners (free entry)
MPO Bradley Good
FPO Michelle Frazer
MA1 Joe Ferrante
FA1 Marrisa Kula

Reserved (unpaid) place for perfect DDGC attendance
MA60 Michael Connell

Wait list information

Once the tournament field is full, the wait list will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis through the registration page (or in person at Dragan Field).  Players will get off the waitlist and into the tournament by the following policy:

  • If there is a withdrawal by a player within the 20 places reserved for MPO and FPO, the first available player on the wait list who is signed up for MPO or FPO will be added to the tournament.
  • If there is a withdrawal by a player outside of the 20 reserved places, the first player on the wait list, regardless of division, will be added to the tournament.

The above will be the policy through the May 18 deadline.  After May 18, the wait list will go exclusively to elevating the top person on the list regardless of division.

Players who are elevated from the waitlist will have one week from the time they are notified to confirm their entry by paying their registration fees.  Failure to register within that week will result in the player being dropped to the bottom of the wait list and the next player being elevated to the tournament.

Pre registration closes at end of business on May 30, 2018.

Choose-Your-Starting-Hole assignments ($25 sponsorship):

  • Hole 1 – ineligible
  • Hole 2 – MA40 John Birkrem
  • Hole 3 – available
  • Hole 4 – available
  • Hole 5 – available
  • Hole 6 – available
  • Hole 7 – available
  • Hole 8 – available
  • Hole 9 – available
  • Hole 10 – available
  • Hole 11 – available
  • Hole 12 – available
  • Hole 13 – available
  • Hole 14 – available
  • Hole 15 – available
  • Hole 16 – available
  • Hole 17 – MA60 Mike Connell
  • Hole 18 – available

Dragan Disc Golf Classic Refund Policy
A. A player may officially withdraw only by contacting the tournament directors directly via this email or in person at Dragan Field Disc Golf
B. No refunds will be issued after the 7th day prior to the start of the event (May 25, 2019), but the player shall be sent a players’ package if player is entitled to one based on division.
C. Withdrawals made before the 7th day prior to the start of the event shall receive a 50% refund.
D. Withdrawals made 14 days prior to the start of the event (May 18, 2019) shall be refunded 100 %, less postage and handling which shall not exceed 10% of the entry fee.