Referral Program

We’re looking for sponsors any way we can get them. While we are hustling for sponsorships ourselves, we can do only so much.  That’s where the Sponsor Referral Program comes in…to offer some incentives for anyone to be a part of our sponsorship “staff”.

For every $25 in cash sponsorship (or equivalent) brought in, the person who makes the referral will receive a commission of one “referral pass” good for one day of play at Dragan Field.  Referrals can come in a variety of ways, such as soliciting friends, family, and/or employers to donate or donating a sponsorship yourself.

As further incentive, referral passes can be exchanged for other services and opportunities, as explained below…

For the price of one referral pass ($25 in sponsorship), any player registered in the tournament can choose their starting hole in round one of the tournament. Hole choice is on a first-come, first-served basis with the following restrictions:

  • Hole 1 is ineligible.
  • The first player to choose a particular hole determines the division for that hole. For example, if an Intermediate player chooses hole 6 as his starting hole, only players registered in Intermediate may choose to start on that hole. Per PDGA rules, players must be grouped with other players in their division unless such mixing is unavoidable.

For the price of ten referral passes ($250 in sponsorship), any person can enter the DDGC in their division of choice, provided they are allowed to enter the division by PDGA rule. This offer exists only while open spots remain in the event.  Players who have already paid to register can have their entry fee refunded if they earn ten referral passes.

For the price of twenty referral passes ($500 in sponsorship), any person can buy a Dragan Field Season Pass good through the end of the calendar year.

If you have a referral, contact us using the form below with all the information we might need.