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Postponed due to COVID

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty surrounding the crisis, tournament staff has made the decision to postpone the tournament.  It will no longer be held on June 6.

The re-scheduled date is tentatively set for Saturday October 31 AND Sunday November 1. We are going with two days to allow for the flexibility to run the event while still complying with any government and PDGA mandates and restrictions.  This allows us a minimum of three options for how the tournament will run.

  1. Everyone plays one round each day in a tee time schedule.
  2. Split the field into two pools and have one pool of 72 play on Saturday in a standard shotgun-start format, and the other pool of 72 play on Sunday.  This would enable us to put ~36 players (9 cards of 4) on each course for each round for more physical spacing.  What division plays in what pool will be determined based on the best fit of the numbers.  The original pool assignments may not stay in such a case.
  3. A one day event just as originally scheduled, with 144 players split between the two courses and playing two rounds with shotgun starts.  If this is the choice, it would mean the tournament would take place on Sunday November 1 only.

Any decision as to which option will be chosen is going to have to wait until we’re closer to the event and have clarity on what the situation is.

Here is what we know for sure about the re-scheduled event:

  1. No Dragon’s Tail Nine.  Daylight hours are fewer in the fall than in early June.  November 1 is also the first day of Daylight Saving Time.  There simply isn’t enough time to squeeze in the DT9 regardless of the format of the rest of the weekend.
  2. No free spots in the 2020 Yetter/Great Eastern Cup.  Now that our date is after the scheduled date of those events, a free entry will not be possible. Free entry into the 2021 editions of those events is possible, if not likely.
  3. Westside Discs remains the title sponsor.  They were fully understanding of the decision to postpone and will support us in our new date just as strongly as they had originally planned.
  4. The tournament will be PDGA sanctioned. The decision to postpone was driven, in part, by the unlikelihood that the tournament could have remained sanctioned on the original date.  Postponing will make sanctioning possible.

For those that cannot make the new dates, full refunds will be issued.  Just use Disc Golf Scene’s withdraw request form to initiate the process (a link can be found in your confirmation email, or on the registered player list page if you are logged into DGS).  If you still want to play the tournament, you don’t need to do anything more for now.  If you’re in, you’re still in.  If you’re on the waitlist, you remain there (chances are many waitlisters will get in).

Stay tuned to our site and our social media for further updates.  And stay healthy and safe.

Title Sponsor

We are happy to announce that Westside Discs has graciously stepped in to be our title sponsor.  This is their second time in the role (2016) and we’re glad to have them back.  As part of their support of DDGC20, every amateur player is going to receive a tournament logo dri-fit tee shirt.

Registration tops 100

Registration for DDGC20 opened this morning, and six hours into things, there were 100 players signed up.

While there are 44 spots still available, they are divided between two pools so space in certain divisions are apt to run out faster than others.  Don’t be lulled into thinking you have time…check your desired division and see how many spots remain in that pool.  The sooner you sign up, the better your chances of getting in.

Bigger, better

DDGC20 is shaping up to be the biggest and hopefully the best yet.  For the first time, it will be contested on TWO courses on the same site.  At long last, Dragan Field is opening its second 18-hole course, and the DDGC will be played on it.

This development has necessitated some changes to the schedule.  Gone is the noon start time.  Round 1 will tee off at 10am.  Also, the morning doubles round has been shelved because of this change in schedule.

The biggest plus of the addition of the new course is the field will be expanded to a 144 player capacity.  Split into two flights of 72, every player will get a chance to play 36 unique holes during regulation.  In addition, the top 6 in MPO and the top 3 in FPO will still play the DT9 at the end of the day.

Registration opens on Tuesday, February 4 at 8am.  If you want to play this storied event, don’t wait to long to get signed up.  Spots will go fast.

CCDG coverage

This year, our historical (in size) FPO division is getting some extra special attention.  Central Coast Disc Golf, one of the most popular disc golf channels on Youtube, will be sending a crew to cover our pro women.  They will choose one card to cover in round 1, then cover the lead card in round 2 and the DT9.  The only unknown at this point is when the coverage will be posted (it will not be immediate).

This coverage is being made possible by some generous sponsors.  If you’d like to help sponsor the coverage or the event in general, please use the contact page to get in touch.