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Sponsor Registration Opens

At 8am today, registration will open for sponsors.  These spots are limited to a total of 36, 18 for each day.

To sign up as a sponsor, all you have to do is register at Disc Golf Scene as normal.  Your registration must include the $20 sponsorship or you won’t be allowed to complete the transaction.  It is that simple.

This early registration period will last a week.  On February 22 at 8am, registration will change to only allow for registration in women’s divisions.  A week after that, on March 1 at 8am, registration will open to all possible competitors.

Saturday’s divisions

Sunday’s divisions

Two weeks to early registration

We are officially two weeks away from the opening of registration to sponsors.  That means three weeks until registration for all women’s divisions opens and exactly one month until registration opens for all competitors.

Early registration opening on February 15 at 8am is for any division provided the player pays a $20 sponsorship in addition to their entry fee.  This is limited to just 36 total spots, 18 for Saturday and 18 for Sunday.  It will still be first come, first served so if you want to sponsor the event to ensure your spot, be ready to sign up on that Wednesday morning.

Early registration opening on February 22 at 8am is for all women’s divisions.  Regarding women’s divisions, we are presently offering FPO, FA1, FA2, and FA3.  If there is enough interest for age protected divisions (FP40, FA50, etc), we will add any division that has at least 4 competitors.  If you want one of these divisions, SIGN UP for one of the available divisions to ensure your spot then contact us to let us know which division you’d move to if it was added.  If there are four players for a division, we’ll move everyone over to it.

On March 1 at 8am, the doors open for everyone.  Spots will fill on a first-come, first-served basis.  Once we fill, the waitlist will be open.  Players are encouraged to jump on the waitlist if they want to play because there is always a ton of movement in the lead up to the event.

Waitlist information

Registration opened this morning and Sunday’s field is already full.  So it seems an appropriate time to address the waitlist and how it works.

The waitlist will require a $5 down payment.  For players who get into the tournament, the $5 will be applied to their entry fee when they pay it.  If there are any players who remain on the waitlist after registration closes and the tournament field locks on June 3, their $5 will be refunded.  Also, players can request to be removed from the list for a refund as well.

Players that get into the tournament from the waitlist will be notified by email (the one they used on DiscGolfScene) and given a link to pay the remainder of their entry.  Those players will have a limited amount of time (see below) from when the email is sent to register or they will be removed from the tournament and replaced with the next player on the waitlist.  No contact at all will result in forfeiture of the $5 fee.

Deadlines for elevated waitlisters to pay before losing their place:

  • Before May 21, players have two weeks to register from first contact
  • May 21-May 25, players have one week to register from first contact
  • May 26-May 31, players have 48 hours to register from first contact
  • June 1-June 2, players have until registration closes (June 2 at 5pm)

Historically the waitlist has been free to sign up for, so why the change?  In past years, there have always been a number of people signing up for the waitlist that then seemingly forgot they were on it.  To the point where a number of players have been elevated from the list into the tournament, only to fail to respond to repeated attempts at contact for payment.  This makes more work and leaves too much up in the air, especially as the event gets closer.  The hope is that the fee and the deadlines will weed out some of those folks.

Registration dates

We’ve added a new wrinkle to our registration procedure: early registration for sponsors.  Limited to 18 spots per tournament day (36 total spots), players will be allowed to register a week early by paying a $20 tee sponsorship in addition to their entry fee.  When those 36 spots go, there won’t be any more available until open registration starts on Tuesday, March 1.  So mark your calendars and set your alarms.

Early registration for sponsors opens 8am on Tuesday, February 22.

Open registration for all players opens 8am on Tuesday, March 1.

PDGA Membership

For 2022, the PDGA has changed its competition guidelines so that active PDGA membership is required to play in B-tier events.  As such, membership will be required to register and participate in this year’s Dragan Disc Golf Classic.

Because of this, RedHawk Disc Golf and Dragan Field would like to sponsor one player’s PDGA membership for 2022. The only requirement is that the player has never been a PDGA member before. So if you want to play this year’s tournament and do not have a PDGA number, contact us before February 26.  On February 27, we will select one person from those that submitted their name and sign them up with the PDGA in time to enter DDGC22 when registration opens on March 1.