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Registration update, five hours in…and full

Wow.  That’s all we can say.  Roughly five hours after registration was opened, 66 spots were filled, including all the unreserved spots.  All that is left available now is four places held for the MPO or FPO divisions, plus the spot to be awarded at the Maine Disc Golf Tour winter series event at Dragan Field on February 25 and the spot to be awarded to the winner of the Monday Night Doubles series.

For those that do not want to play MPO or FPO, but do want to play, the only way in is through the waitlist.  Follow the “Register” link from the menu above and sign up for the waitlist there.  The sooner you get on, the better your chances of getting into the tournament.  18 players in last year’s tournament got in via the waitlist, and another 11 players were given the opportunity but were not able to attend.  So don’t give up hope.

A note about the twenty reserved places for MPO and FPO and how the wait list will work with regard to those places.  The twenty spots will continue to be held for those divisions through the posted deadline of May 20 even after the tournament fills.

  • If there is a withdrawal by a player within the 20 reserved places, the first available player on the wait list who is signed up for MPO or FPO will be added to the tournament.
  • If there is a withdrawal by a player outside of the 20 reserved places, the first player on the wait list, regardless of division, will be added to the tournament.

The above will be the policy through the May 20th deadline.  After May 20, the wait list will go exclusively to elevating the first person on the list regardless of division.

Registration is Open!

Registration for DDGC17 opened at around 6:45 this morning, and the flow of registrations has been steady in the last two hours.  Twenty-three registrants in addition to the five with reserved places makes 28 players signed up so far.  If this pace holds up, we may be full by lunch time.

There was a time when we opened registration on February 1 and waited until April or even May to see an actual registration.  Quite a testament to both the growth of this event and the growth of disc golf in general that this much anticipation and excitement is generated four months before the tournament.

Keep an eye on the registered player list, it will be updated regularly as registrations come in.

DDGC17 is coming!

We’re about ten days away from registration opening wide for DDGC17.  February 1 is the magical date when 65 spots in our 72-player field will go on sale.

What about those other seven spots, you ask?  Two are already spoken for by the FPO and MA1 winners from last year’s Eric C Yetter Champions Cup: Michelle Frazer and James O’Reilly.  Another is occupied by 2016 Thorndike Memorial (and 3X defending DDGC) champion Tyler Grady.  Two more are going to two fellows who have attended every DDGC to date since 2001: Bob Enman and Mike Connell. That leaves two more spots being held back.

The first of those will be awarded at the MDGT Winter Series event on February 26 at Dragan Field.  The details are still being worked out, but some how, some way, a player will be leaving that event with a free entry to DDGC17.  The last spot, as it has the last three years, will be awarded to the winner of the Monday Night Doubles points race.  That series begins on Monday, March 13 at 5:00 pm.

With regard to the last two spots to be awarded, they can be won by a player already registered for the tournament.  So don’t skip out on registering thinking it will disqualify you from a free entry.  If a previously registered player wins one of these spots, they will be refunded on their original entry and a spot will be opened up, presumably to the top person on the waitlist.

One last note and that is to watch the DDGC Facebook and Twitter –> for announcements as registration approaches.  Early registrants in particular will want to keep an eye out.













DDGC by the numbers

Just to give an idea of what goes on with the DDGC, we put together this table that breaks down the value the players receive when they participate in our event.

Bear in mind this table doesn’t even take into account everything involved with the DDGC.  For example, the Player Programs that each player receives at check-in aren’t on there, nor are the water and snack stations put on the course for the tournament.

We don’t post this to brag.  We post it because creating it and looking at it gets us fired up to do it again next year, bigger and better.  Watch this space for updates regarding DDGC17 (June 3, 2017), starting with when we will open registration.  Thanks again to everyone who contributed to DDGC16 being one of our best to date.

Caddy Book

Two weeks from now we’ll know who our champions are.  Hard to believe it’s so close.

In an effort to help our out of town friends get to know the course a bit better, we’ve put together a full color Caddy Book for the course, including details on the Dragon’s Tail Nine course to be played by the top 9 MPO players.  It is viewable in the window below, or it can be downloaded directly from this link (right-click and save).

It should be noted that we will not be printing this to have available to players on tournament weekend.  Instead, a condensed version will be included in the Player Program.  So you’ll get the info handed to you, but it won’t be so large and colorful in the program (and the program will not include the DT9 hole maps).  Enjoy!

Note: Pars listed are the recreational pars used daily by our regular players.