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The DDGC has always prided itself on having unique and special trophies for its winners, some coming out better than others. Sooner than we expected and sooner than we’ve ever had before, the trophies for DDGC17 are already done and in our hands. And we can’t resist showing them off.

Cut from wrought iron with a powder-coat finish, they are the design of Kyle Enman and the handiwork of Kyle and his co-worker Matt Belliveau (Matt did the cutting, Kyle did the powder-coat). These easily rank in our top 3 trophies ever and a strong case could be made that these are the best we’ve ever offered. The winner in each division will go home with one of these in the “gold-vein” powdercoat, while second place in select divisions will get the “penny-vein” versions.

Without further ado, here they are. A Sacagawea dollar coin is included in the pictures for scale.

Who wants one?  Start practicing now and be at your best on June 3, and you might just win one.

Earn your way in

Tomorrow evening is the first Monday Night Doubles, sponsored by Dynamic Discs, of the season.  Twelve weeks of doubles to earn free entry to the DDGC.

Last year, despite there being at least 2+ feet of snow still on the course, doubles started off with a bang with 22 players.  And attendance remained steadily over 20 players a week until about halfway through the series. We figure it was in part because players were already feeling like they were out of contention.

Not going to be the case this year as after the halfway point, we’ll be doubling the points available each week.  Then after the 3/4 mark, we’re tripling the points.  And there are more and bigger bonuses to win as well.

With the wait list at 15 and growing, winning Monday Night Doubles may just be the only way to get into DDGC16.  Be at Dragan Field by 5pm.  Tee off will begin promptly at 5:15 in order to give us the best chance to finish in the daylight.

Dragan Field Monday Night Doubles

For the third year running, the spring session of Dragan Field’s Monday Night Doubles will award a free entry to the DDGC to its overall winner.  Details can be found on the Monday Night Doubles page.  Note that this entry can be won by a player already registered for the tournament (their paid entry fee would be refunded and the first available player on the tournament wait list will be elevated).

Dynamic Discs has generously agreed to sponsor Monday Night Doubles by providing keychains that will be awarded as “trophies” to the winning team each week.  Players are encouraged to collect the keychains by hanging them from their golf bag, as the individual players with the most keychains at the end of the series will be awarded bonus points toward their total.

The series kicks off on the first Monday after the start of Daylight Saving, March 14.  Be there!

Double Dragons

Whether you were able to register for the DDGC or not, or whether you are on the wait list or not, don’t forget that June 4 includes more than just the DDGC tournament itself.  Bright and early, the disc golf action begins with a single round of best shot doubles that is open to anyone.

Double Dragons is a DDGC tradition as old as the DDGC itself.  One round that can serve as a great warm-up for the rest of the day, or a great amount of fun all by itself.

In addition to the winner winning the entire pot generated by the entry fees ($10 per team is paid out), we’re offering two bonuses as further incentive.

Incentive #1: Full field bonus.  If we get 36 teams to play Double Dragons, we will kick in an additional $50 bonus to the winners.

Incentive #2: Course record bonus.  If the winning team breaks the course doubles record (41) en route to victory, we will kick in an additional $50 bonus.

So, sign up, practice hard, recruit competitors, and then come out and crush the field.