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Registration, day 8

As of about an hour ago, all open spots in the tournament have been filled.  Matt Burnette snagged the last available MPO spot.  That means the only way to get into the DDGC at this point is to sign up for the waitlist through the “Register” link in the top menu.

Another reminder of how the waitlist works for the DDGC.  The twenty reserved places for MPO and FPO will continue to be held exclusively for those divisions through the posted deadline of May 20 even after the tournament fills.

  • If there is a withdrawal by a player within the 20 reserved places, the first available player on the wait list who is signed up for MPO or FPO will be added to the tournament.
  • If there is a withdrawal by a player outside of the 20 reserved places, the first player on the wait list, regardless of division, will be added to the tournament.

The above will be the policy through the May 20th deadline.  After May 20, the wait list will go exclusively to elevating the first person on the list regardless of division.

Registration, day 2

Registration opened a little over 24 hours ago, and 68 players are signed up.  All that remains open right now are two spots reserved for either MPO or FPO.  With some familiar names missing from the registration list, those two spots shouldn’t be open much longer.

Once they go, there are only three ways remaining to get into the tournament.  The easiest way is to sign up for the waitlist.  Last year, 18 of the people who played the tournament got in through the wait list (and another 11 had a chance but were unable to attend). The sooner you sign up for the wait list, the better your chances.

The other ways in are to play the Maine Disc Golf Tour Winter Series event at Dragan Field on February 26 where a spot will be up for grabs, or play Monday Night Doubles and be the highest point earner at the end of the series.

As if we weren’t already excited and motivated to make this DDGC a great one, that anticipation is so high that the tournament essentially filled in five hours just makes us that much more motivated to raise the bar.  121 days and counting…

Registration is Open!

Registration for DDGC17 opened at around 6:45 this morning, and the flow of registrations has been steady in the last two hours.  Twenty-three registrants in addition to the five with reserved places makes 28 players signed up so far.  If this pace holds up, we may be full by lunch time.

There was a time when we opened registration on February 1 and waited until April or even May to see an actual registration.  Quite a testament to both the growth of this event and the growth of disc golf in general that this much anticipation and excitement is generated four months before the tournament.

Keep an eye on the registered player list, it will be updated regularly as registrations come in.

What a day!

The 2016 DDGC is in the books. The weather was beautiful.  The course was sufficiently challenging.  The players were on their game.  Everything went about as well as could be hoped for.

We had four defending champions do so successfully: Bob Enman in Adv Grandmasters, Jacklyn Bogan in Adv Women, Erica Johnson in Pro Women, and our first three-peat champ, Tyler Grady in Pro Open.  Full results, with unofficial ratings, are posted at PDGA.com.

Also of note, Dave Delisle and Nick Blouin won the Double Dragons round in the morning with a 46 and Kieran Nichols shot the hot round of the Dragon’s Tail Nine with a 25.  There was also an ace on hole 10 by Jamie White, good for $100.

Some numbers…we collected a total of $1905 in gross entry fees from 71 players (+$130 in non-member fees for the PDGA).  Between cash prizes, players packs, CTPs, ace pots, and trophies, we paid out a little over $5000 in total value by the end of the day.  And doesn’t even take into account the player fees to be paid to PDGA and NEFA for sanctioning.  When it’s dribs and drabs over the course of a few months as the event approaches, it doesn’t really seem like much, but seeing it all added together is overwhelming.

And it’s all due not just to the generous sponsors we acquired as the event approached (listed on our sponsor page), but a slew of last minute sponsors who surprised us with prize donations on Saturday morning.  These folks include NEFA for sending a Two Roads Brewing prize pack, Mat Ladroga for donating a cool dyed disc, Bobby Harris for donating a disc, and Kris Gosselin and the Maine Disc Golf Tour for donating some logoed shirts and sweatshirts.  Those prizes were added to the CTP prize packs we already had, putting the value of the day’s CTPs alone over $550.

DDGC16 may be over, but the wheels are already turning and work is starting on DDGC17. We want to build on what worked well, tweak what needs tweaking, and see if we can’t make the next one bigger and better than the last.

Thanks to everyone who attended the event…players, caddies, spotters, photographers, and spectators.  Watch this space for news about DDGC17 as it is available, starting with this:  DDGC17 will happen on June 3, 2017.

Trivia time

We are exactly one month away from DDGC16.  On this occasion, we’ve put up a trivia question on our Facebook page (feed can be found on the right side of this page –>).  The first person to answer it correctly will win their choice of a DDGC16 stamped disc when those orders arrive.

On another note, the course was switched out of its winter mode a couple weeks back so practice for the DDGC can truly begin now.  We’ve made a couple changes to the course if you’ve played in past years.

The first is a new, longer pin placement on hole 15.  What has long been a relatively simple straight shot with a left finish is now a straight shot all the way into a bottleneck green.  A set of photos were posted on Dragan Field’s Facebook the day it was moved.

The second may be familiar to those that played or watched last year’s DT9.  The long position used for DT9 hole 8 (regular hole 17) is now a permanent placement and the basket will be there for all rounds of the DDGC.

Once the leaves start to bloom, the plan is to get out and do a photo walk-through of the whole course and get it posted on the Dragan Field site (accessible through the “Course” link at the top of the page).  That way our traveling players can get an idea of what to expect when they arrive in June.